Sweet Recipes

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project description

Sweet Recipes is a recipe website powered by Django. Users can view recipes, add recipes to their favorites, bookmark them to view them later or submit their own. They can ask questions to recipe owners, comment or suggest edits to recipes.

  • User can add a recipe with image,video,ingredients and steps
  • Image preview when uploading an image to a recipe before submitting
  • Dynamic Formset for ingredients and steps in recipe form
  • User can edit his/her recipe
  • User can delete his/her recipe (Done by AJAX)
  • Ajaxified adding a recipe to favorites/bookmarked
  • Ajaxified Sign in
  • Front-end integration
  • Fixing and adding missing testcases
  • project info
    • Company : Dreidev
    • Date : 21 June 2015
    • Role : Developer
    • Repo is Private