project description

Suggestions is a suggestions application for Django-powered websites. Suggestions can be added to any model's page in your application and it can help a user to discover other related pages they might find interesting based on what other users have viewed.

Let's say you have a model called Blog and you would like to add the suggestions functionality to it so users can find related blog posts when viewing any other blog post.

Consider this simple scenario:

  1. User1 visits blog post (a)
  2. User1 visits blog post (b) ..*The suggestions dictionary will be updated with an entry containing blog post (a) and blog post (b)
  3. User2 visits blog post (b)

Now User2 will get a suggestion to visit blog post (a), this is due to the fact that some other user who visited (b) was interested in another blog post which is (a).

The suggestions dictionary is the brain of this application; through self-learning it will be able to provide users with related similar interests to whatever they are viewing.

project info
  • Company : Dreidev
  • Date : 30 August 2015
  • Role : Developer