Coffee Finder

project description

The goal of this app is to give users access to good coffee regardless of where they are and what time of the day it is. The app should show the users the closest coffee shops as well as allow them to directly order the coffee to their exact spot if they don't wish to walk to the coffee shops

  • Users can, with a single tap, get a list of the closest coffee shops to their current locations
  • Users can see the prices, photos, and reviews of the coffees at the coffee shops
  • Users can order the coffee if the coffee shop allows delivery
  • Customers can post reviews
  • Customers can take photos of their coffee and post it the app
  • Coffee Shops can add their info as well as a brief description of what makes them special

  • Tasks
  • Showing user's current location on map
  • Uploading images to Coffee Shop (Gallery)
  • Functionality of the side menu and order form
  • Background pictures and Front-end integration
  • project info
    • Software Engineering Course
    • Date : 10 March 2015
    • Role : Developer
    Awarded "Best Product" in Software Engineering Course Closing Ceromony